Badesi scenery, Badesi tourism, Sightseeing Badesi

Badesi is a seaside town on the northwest coast of Sardinia.

The small town is surrounded by hills and sand dunes and borders with the fertile valley of the Coghinas river.
A wide white beach stretches for kilometres,Surrounded by pristine nature.
(Editor’s Note:Sardinia is the Mediterranean’s second largest island and belongs as an autonomous region to Italy.)

Marina di Badesi is a long white sandy beach ,3 Km in the distance from the center of Badesi.
The fine sand dunes are covered with juniper and which you can admire the Gulf of Asinara.
Marina di Badesi its shallow waters are particularly suited for children.
In addition, Beauty is more than that.Badesi is a perfect destination to combine sports and nature

By the Mistral wind through Long Beach,splendid coastline is a great place for wind-surfers all year round, Badesi is the purpose of Windsurfing and surfing enthusiasts favorite.

Near the outlet of the Coghinas river there is a stretch of white sand and dunes where the Mediterranean maquis has grown
Since it is so wide, it does not feel very crowded. Good for windsurfing too.

You can swim or walk together and enjoy the unspoiled pristine nature of thisisland.
Of course, for those people who enjoy walking in badesi travel also has a very good trip

the green of the Mediterranean maquis and along the typical vineyards that produce the famous Vermentino di Gallura.
These views, some tourists choose to walking the reason.
The visitors will be granted with white sand, rustles of pine-trees and great emotions when walking along the shore of the sea
For those who love active tourism, the outlet of the river Coghinas offers a unique landscape with the possibility of ferry trips.