Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Canopy Instant Pop Up Shade Tent

In the center of the System prethreaded very simple to the cabin Cool Pacific as a mild Refreshing Breeze higher UPF 50 Sun Protection (see video)
The Light 7 kilos; The Awning to 8 “x 8” x 5 “generous Space of solar protection; the pack of 50″ x 5 ”
Provide extensive Protection in the side wall from the sun and the Wind for the whole family and your team in the Park or on the Beach; Broad viewpoint of Sports floor; The Boy and the Dog durable PU; minimum nominal Umbrella with wet conditions
CarryBag, Super Easy double and guylines consists of sandbags
1 year warranty to the customer of all shelters The Beach Shop Awnings and sun

Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Canopy Instant Pop Up Shade Tent
Product description
In the shade, the time spent is an instant setting and a quick canopy space with a broad breeze. – see more: https: / / www.lightspeedoutdoors. COM / canopy shielding sunshine beach tent outdoor HTML # light sthash.qql0n1uo.dpuf.

Fabric light, not easy to tear though. The rods are as strong as I expect them to be. Not they are not carbon fiber, yes they are just hard plastic, so what are they? Put the fabric canopy and be flexible enough to sway it with the wind is stronger than enough. For all the comments, claim it to go in the wind … Of course, it will fly in the wind! The This is a huge super umbrella! (3) the use of pedestrian safety they are with sand drill (without tents); do not forget to let the lines some lax, if they teach them too hard to pull Drilled