Where we are--Badesi

From Asinara Gulf sea is dotted with Eastern Mediterranean vegetation of the beautiful mountains two kilometers, is “badesi” small city, geographically located between kasiteersa and Santa Teresa Gallura. 50 km from Porto Torres, and Olbia85 km; Badessi belongs to a small number of supporting Qi, Muntiggioni,Azzagulta.

It is the basis of the most recent, in fact, rare ancient relics (three nuraghi) shows that the area studied, lived in an isolated little ancient. Badessi, according to legend, was born in ‘700, founded by Mr Antonio Stangoni built his “bottom” today called “PINNETTI LU intelligence group” zone (CAB), because besides the “LU RIU BALBARU”.

Over the years, we strengthen the territory or the new economy.

In agriculture, although reduced to a minimum contribution, recalling the famous products, varieties of old wine Excel file (such as fermentation), badesi Sardinia inside, figs, grapes, vegetables and a variety of valuable crops are artichokes and tomatoes.

Badessi Gallura’s cuisine is excellent; typical foods stay memorable, like the famous suppa gadduresa,bruglioni,Tundi pasta, taste bread bat Friss reading remember the sweetness of thickness cacjatini in captivity reading, “If panetteddi and Saba, piricchitti Papassini them.

The industry still has a chance, economic and tourism: the power of the sea and the beautiful beach of Badesi, through full of typical Eastern Mediterranean plants such as Juniper dunes led.

Virgin is characterized by crystal-clear water of the sea, which gives this moving performance. Kind, hospitable locals must have your attention, you return Badesi from a friend, it’s almost a necessity, welcomed the fact that, of course.